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Thinning of Hair and Hair Loss

Aging and Thinning of Hair in Women
All women often pass through hair thinning at some point of time. With aging even the healthiest women sheds more hair than the average number of hairs (approx. 40 100) per day. Though 95% thinning hair problems in women are hereditary, there has been some other causes of hair loss, namely, malnutrition, pollution, stress, etc. Natural cures for thinning hair is very rare, except that one has to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and turn to nutritional diets and professional hair care products.

Hair Loss - Reasons and Restoration
Presence of high amounts of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the sebum is a key reason of hair loss. There other reasons of hair loss also, as mentioned above. But preventing hair loss and restoring hair growth is, though, not complicated, it is time-intensive. Understanding hair loss is the first step to hair restoration.