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Hair Regrowth

Hair growth is the much known phenomenon of growing hair with average cycles when one is in good health. Hair regrowth is the process to restore lost hairs (in alopecia or other conditions) fast. Hair regrowth involves refreshing the scalp, tightening loose skin, improving hair elasticity, strengthening hair shafts and stimulates hair follicles and stem cells needed for tissue repair and hair growth.

Hair Regrowth
Hair regrowth is a hair restoration process after balding or hair thinning. Faster and natural hair regrowth is a popular cosmetic care sought by many men/women who suffer from serious hair loss in alopecia. Clinically the hair regrowth is the systems that attempts hair restoration by prescribing proper hair growth supplements and performing cortisone treatment and other therapies.

Hair Growth Enhancement
Hair growth is closely associated with skin types, genetics and nutrition. And hair growth enhancement is the process of growing thicker hair shafts faster so as to stop hair thinning and give gloss and luster to the hair. Hair growth enhancement requires external treatment (cosmetic hair care products) and hair growth nutrition consisting of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. These factors stimulate follicle to actively synthesize new hair cells.