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Hair Growth Tips and Advice

Proper Hair Growth Conditions
Optimum hair growth is achieved if the scalp is uncontaminated with chemical residues and bacteria. Clean and stable environment, stress free mind, proper diet and health supplements, healthy tissue and blood vessels ensure best hair growth and extended hair growth cycles.

For fast hair growth one can take care of clean and healthy practices for hair and take proper nutrition. Given below are some hair care tips for fast hair growth.

  • Take balanced hair formula everyday
  • Eat proteinaceous diet
  • Donít dry hair with hot air
  • Do not brush wet hair
  • Use professional shampoo and conditioner
  • Use thermal protector
  • Donít try much chemical cosmetics
  • Use UV protector on your hair
  • Never use hard water
  • Apply conditioners only weekly or bi-weekly
  • Sleep with a stocking cap below the head
  • Donít comb dry hair
  • Donít rub hair with towel, try squeezing instead
  • If experiencing much tangles and knots, trim the hair
  • Drink water much
  • Massage your scalp to promote oil secretion and increase blood circulation
  • Wear your hair in protective hairstyles to protect the ends from breakage
  • Expect Realistic Results from Hair Growth
Do get moved by products that are Ďnaturalí. Instead seek help from cosmetologist and get professional hair care products like shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer.

Hair growth is a slow process and Ďfast hair growthí will never reflect within a week. Normally, hair grows 0.5 inch per month, itís like watching a plant grow.

As long as you keep your hair clean there is no effect of wet weather on you. Wet and humid conditions promote hair growth. Washing your hair daily in cold water is very good but not necessary with soap/shampoo every time. Natural hair is unique and versatile. You can stylize any way you like. But never make it a regular practice to experiment on hair styles.

Try to rejuvenate hair from inside. Keep your digesting system and liver healthy take nutritious diet. Refrain from narcotics and stress. This will certainly help you grow long hairs fast.