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Hair Growth Supplements

Balanced and staple diet is the most important hair health booster, because our body as well as hair thrives on proper amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Hair conditioners and stylizing products are secondary for better hair growth. Nutrition for hair generally comes from the regular diet. As working class lifestyles very often does not allow us to nutritious foods, we should go for dietary supplements for better hair growth.

Dietary Supplements
Busy lifestyle requires more of these hair loss dietary supplements on a daily basis. Hectic life and lack of proper nutrition robs you of your hair health. Thatís why to retain the hair and maintain it you require proper nutrition consisting of pantothenic acid, L-Cystine, vitamin C, folic acid, Vanadium, Chromium, molybdenum, zinc picolinate, iron, copper and other essential elements. You can go for professional hair loss dietary supplements according to your health conditions and deficiencies.

Vitamin Supplements
Hair loss vitamin supplements work better than any hair growth shampoo or conditioner. Nutritional diet with balanced vitamins has a profound influence on the general health and hair. Dietary supplements to promote hair growth should have proportionate amount of vitamins. Vitamins for hair can enhance blood circulation and increase the flow of nutrition into the hair roots, rejuvenate dead hair follicles and speed up the hair growth.

Nutritional Supplements
For successful and longer growth phase of hair in our body we must take hair nutrition supplements. Dietary hair loss supplements serve many purposes like, controlling DHT metabolism, promoting healthy hair growth, preventing hair loss, providing essential nutrition to the hair and stopping hair loss from inside. Supplemental nutrition for hair provides us with the extra nutrition for amino acids, enzymes, hormones and vitamin supplements.

Herbal Supplements
Certain herbal extracts are known to stimulate the scalp and increase blood flow to the hair follicles. They have properties to regrow dormant hairs and grow new hairs. Herbs are the best natural source for hair loss nutrition. Since ages herbs have been supplementing the female health with rare nutrition. Some herbs can be alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and ailments for premenstrual syndrome which affects the hair growth in women.

Hormonal Supplements
There are many hormones that govern the growth of hair in men and women. For example testosterone in men governs beard, body hair and hair in the armpits. And estrogen in women prevents hair growth on the chin and preserves frontal hair. Women develop hair loss and balding where there is disturbance in hormone level. Excess hormonal action on the follicle prevents cell growth on the follicles there by retards the hair growth.